Eco-friendly gym and sports towels from VISCOTO

When designing our VISCOTO towels, we tried to strike a balance between the personal hygiene requirements of the athletes and the total operating costs of sports halls and sports centers. In this way, we have succeeded in creating a line of absolutely environmentally friendly sports towels that are 100% disposable and incredibly comfortable.

We help you to achieve maximum cleanliness and customer satisfaction.

Each of our sports towels is luxuriously soft and hypoallergenic. Your customers probably won’t even notice that the towel they use is disposable. This is because, unlike other gym and sports towel manufacturers, we are committed to providing your members and customers with flawless freshness and comfort above all else.

That’s why every VISCOTO towel is twice as moisture-absorbing as any normal towel. Since our towels are intended for single use, they never appear frayed, stained or less alive over time.

Advantages for you as a gym owner

The answer to why our eco-friendly towels are the right choice for your business is simple. Thanks to the uniqueness of our products, there are no washing costs in your gym or sports centre. The companies we work with save on average up to 44% of their annual energy costs. In addition, the constant washing and folding of towels costs valuable time for your employees, and thanks to us you always have fresh towels available.