Environmentally friendly salon towels

Every visit to the salon is about being pampered at the highest level. As a salon owner or operator, you already know that. The only question is, what really distinguishes you from your competitors?

Our company offers hairdressing salons, hotels and SPA a new way to stand out from the competition. Our environmentally friendly salon towels not only help to make your company more environmentally friendly. Our towels are luxuriously soft, hypoallergenic and much more hygienic than traditional cotton towels.

Comfort and cleanliness

Unlike reusable towels that retain germs and stains after washing, our environmentally friendly salon towels offer your customers flawless freshness and cleanliness. Say goodbye to towels that lose volume and liveliness after repeated use and welcome a friendlier, softer and more hygienic alternative instead.

Since our towels are manufactured with a view to the hairdressing salons, your customers will not even notice that they are using a disposable towel. If anything, they will be impressed by the softer feel of our towels on their skin. In addition, our environmentally friendly disposable towels are twice as absorbent as traditional reusable towels.

Save time and money

The cost of using cotton towels in a hairdressing salon is much higher than we think. You have to consider buying towels every few years, buying and replacing washing machines and dryers, buying detergents and finally consuming electricity and water.

VISCOTO towels are disposable and do not require washing machines or dryers. By eliminating electrical appliances, salons can save money on water and electricity bills. Once used, our towels can be disposed of in the paper waste and are biodegradable within eight to twelve weeks, which has no negative impact on the environment. This life cycle is much shorter and less harmful to the environment than the continuous washing and drying of cotton towels.

Disposable towels are also ten times more absorbent than normal towels, and recent research suggests that they can reduce hair drying time by up to 40%. This is beneficial both for the hairdresser and for the environment, as shortening the drying time can reduce energy consumption and costs in hairdressing salons.