VISCOTO disposable towels are for you if you want to:

  • provide excellent service to customers
  • spend time with customers, not cleaning
  • meet the highest hygiene standards
  • stop washing traditional towels every day

Advantages for your employees

  • less time spent on washing/loundry
  • more time for customers, training or breaks
  • more customers: customers are more aware than ever of the environmental impact of their buying behavior

Advantages for your customers

  • new towel for every customer
  • 100% hygienic, no risk of cross infections
  • no unpleasant smells and stains

Advantages for business owners

  • an excellent service for every customer – every towel is new
  • less money for laundry, water and electricity
  • washing machines take up valuable space. If you remove them, you will have more workplace without having to spend more on rent
  • your employees spend more time with customers, not cleaning
  • you can market the environmental friendliness of your company with biodegradable towels
  • millions of people prefer to buy products and services from a company with a good environmental reputation